The WaterRower Rowing Machine

WaterRower NaturalThis rowing machine comes in a variety of different styles and configurations to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. The various models include the Natural, Oxbridge, Club, Classic and A1. The Natural, Oxbridge, Club and Classic all come with the S4 Monitor, which provides valuable feedback on the intensity of a workout, but the A1 is available with its own monitor.What makes this machine so special? Consider the fact that the variety of different materials allow for users to choose a rowing machine that suits their personal style and that fits in with the décor of their home. The use of wood finishes gives these exercise machines an older, classic feel, while providing all the benefits of modern technology.

The Water Flywheel

All water rower models come equipped with a “water flywheel” that allows the machine to provide the sensation of rowing on water. The innovative design of this flywheel is one of the things that make this rowing machine stand out from its competition. The flywheel is enclosed within a water tank with the density of the water being used to provide resistance rather than the mechanical methods used in standard rowing machines. The result is that the user gets all of the same muscle toning and strengthening benefits that they would get had they been rowing on the open water. Another benefit of this water flywheel is that it replicates the actual sound of rowing with the sloshing of water in the tanks so that the user gets more of the full rowing experience but without having to leave home.

The Series 4 Monitor

The Natural, Oxbridge, Club and Classic all come fitted with the user-friendly Series 4 monitor allowing users to track their heart rates and the rate of their strokes, along with the duration of the rowing session. It allows them to set their desired intensity zone and it will provide alerts if they go above or below it. Users can also opt for a chest strap rig that allows for an even more personalized and detailed monitoring of the workout.

These water rowing machines are all constructed with woods from Appalachian forests. They have been chosen for both their durability and their ability to minimize sound vibration. All of the machines have been made to precise specifications and measure 82.25 inches in length by 22.25 inches in width. All models weigh 117lbs and can bear 1000lbs of weight. With the exception of the A1, they all have a two rail system.

  • The WaterRower Natural model is handcrafted with sustainable ash lumber along with honey oak that has been stained. The wood is then finished with Danish oil to give it a rich sheen.
  • The WaterRower Oxbridge model is constructed with cherry wood, which naturally changes color over time. When the rowing machine first arrives at its owner’s home, it will have a lighter color that time and exposure to light will deepen to a darker red-brown. The Oxbridge water rowing machine gets three coats of Danish oil to protect it and to make for a gleaming finish.
  • The WaterRower Classic model is handcrafted from black walnut, another durable Appalachian hardwood that makes for a quiet and stylish-looking machine. Black walnut can offer variations in color ranging from a deep brown to almost black.
  • The WaterRower Club model is designed for heavy usage, such as in a commercial gym. Unlike the others, the Club’s rails are black as a means of making it less prone to scuffing in a busy environment. Like the Natural, it is constructed of ash with a Danish oil finish as well as urethane on the rails.
  • The WaterRower A1 model is partially crafted from ash, like the Natural and the Club, but it is constructed with a single aluminum rail instead of a wood one. It also comes with the A1 monitor which is a simpler version of the S4. The A1 monitor lacks the more advanced features of the S4 but still relays such information as stroke rate and distance. It has the same dimensions and weight as the other models.

Benefits of the WaterRower

  • They are durable, with many users owning and regularly using them for as long as a decade.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Silent operation.
  • Provides an effective low-impact alternative to jogging.
  • Excellent customer service.

Yes, this water rowing machine may cost a little more than alternatives, but consider the value that it brings. WaterRower machines are built to last. Users get a solid, quiet piece of exercise equipment that provides workouts that are effective and time-tested. The fact that they are made with sustainable American-sourced materials is another aspect to consider. Finally, in addition to the fact that it is a fully functional piece of equipment, the polished, handcrafted look of a WaterRower rowing machine will add to the aesthetics of your home gym.