Confidence Fitness Exercise Bike Saves Room

Confidence Fitness Space Saving X BikeThe Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike tries to conquer one of the major drawbacks of utilizing an exercise bike for your home exercise—taking up too much room. This exercise bike is an excellent option if you live in a small home or apartment. Many exercise bikes are made for larger areas where it can be placed out of the way. You can check out those indoor bikes by clicking here. This sometimes limits those of us that do not have the extra space. This Confidence Fitness exercise bike tries to eliminate those problems.

This is a compact fitness bike that aims to provide a quality workout without constantly getting in the way. This exercise bike does a very good job of accomplishing this feat. It is very small when compared to other fitness bikes. It measures a miniscule 17” X 55” X 22” when it is folded. This makes it very easy to prop this exercise bike up in a corner when you are not using it. In addition, even when you are getting your workout it does not take up much room. It is very reasonable to place this in the living room of a small apartment so you can watch T.V. while working up a sweat.

Handlebars And DisplayAnother excellent feature of the Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike is that it is very quiet. You don’t have to worry about that “whirring” sound that accompanies many exercise bikes. You can easily listen to music, watch television, or hold a conversation on the phone while riding this fitness bike. You also do not have to worry about waking your neighbors if you like to get exercise late at night. It really is amazing how quiet this bike is. It is almost like it works in “whisper mode”. But if you have space on your home check out The Fit Route for reviews of other kinds of exercise bikes.

One issue is that the seat is very uncomfortable. The seat compares to those small seats you will find on a bike participating in the Tour de France. These tiny seats seem like they aren’t made for adults. Luckily, this is an easily remedied situation. You can find one of the gel seat replacements when you buy this model. They are fairly cheap and much more comfortable. We strongly recommend purchasing a gel seat replacement if you buy one of these exercise bikes. You will not regret it.

Bike FoldedIn addition to being a folding bike at an economical price, the Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike also offers many of the features found on other fitness bikes. You will get adjustable seating, resistance settings, and a computer to track your workout. These features have become fairly standard for exercise bikes. They are integrated fairly well in this folding exercise bike.

This exercise bike is a nice alternative for those of us that live is confined areas and don’t want to pay for a gym membership. Gym memberships and exercising outside aren’t really options for some of us. Gyms can be expensive and require us to deal with traffic. Heat, cold, and weather can easily deter us from getting exercise outside when we feel like it. Fortunately, the Confidence Fitness X Bike offers an excellent alternative if you are looking for something that doesn’t take up too much room and still provides a quality workout. If you still need more room after finishing the workout, you can fold up this exercise bike and store it away in a corner or somewhere similar. This is an innovative design that accomplishes its goal of providing a workout at a cheaper price for those of us that live in small living areas. You can probably get more out of a full-size exercise bike, but we have to live with the cards that are dealt right?