Confidence Fitness Exercise Bike Saves Room

Confidence Fitness Space Saving X BikeThe Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike tries to conquer one of the major drawbacks of utilizing an exercise bike for your home exercise—taking up too much room. This exercise bike is an excellent option if you live in a small home or apartment. Many exercise bikes are made for larger areas where it can be placed out of the way. You can check out those indoor bikes by clicking here. This sometimes limits those of us that do not have the extra space. This Confidence Fitness exercise bike tries to eliminate those problems.

This is a compact fitness bike that aims to provide a quality workout without constantly getting in the way. This exercise bike does a very good job of accomplishing this feat. It is very small when compared to other fitness bikes. It measures a miniscule 17” X 55” X 22” when it is folded. This makes it very easy to prop this exercise bike up in a corner when you are not using it. In addition, even when you are getting your workout it does not take up much room. It is very reasonable to place this in the living room of a small apartment so you can watch T.V. while working up a sweat.

Handlebars And DisplayAnother excellent feature of the Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike is that it is very quiet. You don’t have to worry about that “whirring” sound that accompanies many exercise bikes. You can easily listen to music, watch television, or hold a conversation on the phone while riding this fitness bike. You also do not have to worry about waking your neighbors if you like to get exercise late at night. It really is amazing how quiet this bike is. It is almost like it works in “whisper mode”. But if you have space on your home check out The Fit Route for reviews of other kinds of exercise bikes.

One issue is that the seat is very uncomfortable. The seat compares to those small seats you will find on a bike participating in the Tour de France. These tiny seats seem like they aren’t made for adults. Luckily, this is an easily remedied situation. You can find one of the gel seat replacements when you buy this model. They are fairly cheap and much more comfortable. We strongly recommend purchasing a gel seat replacement if you buy one of these exercise bikes. You will not regret it.

Bike FoldedIn addition to being a folding bike at an economical price, the Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike also offers many of the features found on other fitness bikes. You will get adjustable seating, resistance settings, and a computer to track your workout. These features have become fairly standard for exercise bikes. They are integrated fairly well in this folding exercise bike.

This exercise bike is a nice alternative for those of us that live is confined areas and don’t want to pay for a gym membership. Gym memberships and exercising outside aren’t really options for some of us. Gyms can be expensive and require us to deal with traffic. Heat, cold, and weather can easily deter us from getting exercise outside when we feel like it. Fortunately, the Confidence Fitness X Bike offers an excellent alternative if you are looking for something that doesn’t take up too much room and still provides a quality workout. If you still need more room after finishing the workout, you can fold up this exercise bike and store it away in a corner or somewhere similar. This is an innovative design that accomplishes its goal of providing a workout at a cheaper price for those of us that live in small living areas. You can probably get more out of a full-size exercise bike, but we have to live with the cards that are dealt right?

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing MachineThe Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine is known for both its simplicity and its effectiveness, two qualities that go great together when it comes to exercise and aerobic technology. This is quite obviously due to the fact that users enjoy all the conveniences they can get during their workout. An exercise regime need not be complicated or aggravating to provide favorable results.

Features: It’s All in the Details

Both the simplicity and effectiveness of the Stamina Body Trac Glider can be seen in the features. Having a size of 5.825 x 4.250 x 1.812 inches in dimension, this rowing machine is quite easy to use in any environment. The sturdy frame, having a heavy metal construction, ensures stability while in use, and the cylindrical pull-arms offer a genuine rowing experience with their smooth sweeping movements. In addition, this model has a design allowing 12 different levels of resistance, so beginning users can start low and gradually work their way up to the high setting. You can adjust the resistance of the the ball-bearing roller system any time you feel like changing it. A computerized monitor that shows stroke count accumulation, exercise time and the number of calories burned ensures a regulated workout for everyone. The counter has a 6-second delay, but once it kicks in, it’s set and keeps up with the user’s speed.

Folded rowing machineOverall, the Stamina Body Trac Glider is very comfortable with a nicely padded seat to avoid a lot of pain after hours of sitting in one place. Who said one cannot feel at ease while exercising? That’s the way it is supposed to be.

Finally, one thing can never be overstated regarding this model, and that relates to its compactness and ability to fold up the rowing machine and store it away in the smallest of spaces. The Trac Glider 1050’s light weight also means that it is quite portable, so users can take it anywhere—into the garage, on vacation, to the beach, to the park, or even out back by the pool on those warm sunny days of summer.

One thing that is safe to say is that the ‘pros’ definitely outweigh the ‘cons’ when it comes to this rowing machine. The typical Stamina Body Trac Glider review describes this as an excellent model and very satisfying for several reasons. The first and most important is that it provides an effective workout. This is because it exercises all the muscle groups including the back, legs, arms and stomach, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system and increases metabolism as well. Using the rower an hour a day will also help build muscle quickly enhancing muscle density.

Stamina Rowing machine Standing UpsideAside from the compactness and portability of the Trac Glider 1050, other obvious benefits include ease of assembly and low-cost. The simple-to-follow instructions mean that users dispense with the aggravation associated with complicated assembly. Putting together the Stamina 1050 is easy and most pieces are already assembled when you remove it from the box. To top it off, the regular price falls in the ‘under $250’ range even as low as $125.00. This makes is one of the best values in a quality rowing machine.

The are a few minor drawbacks but they are worthy of sharing. Some users, even those who gave high marks for the machine’s performance, have pointed out that the foot braces are not the best. They said the Velcro straps occasionally slip off which can be bothersome when exercising.

Another noteworthy pitfall is the fact that the machine appears to accommodate only certain sized bodies. Those users of small stature will find it a strain to reach the foot braces, while heavier users tend to struggle, especially since their weight applies extreme pressure on the frame. True, some users have limitations; those having an average build, however, find the rowing machine to perform quite nicely.

In Conclusion…

In the end, the decision to buy this particular model depends on the individual and that person’s physical build, health needs and personal preferences. Each Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 rowing machine review indicates that as long as the machine fits your body type you should be very happy with it. Most owners are satisfied with their purchase of this rowing machine so you may want to put it on your short list.

The WaterRower Rowing Machine

WaterRower NaturalThis rowing machine comes in a variety of different styles and configurations to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. The various models include the Natural, Oxbridge, Club, Classic and A1. The Natural, Oxbridge, Club and Classic all come with the S4 Monitor, which provides valuable feedback on the intensity of a workout, but the A1 is available with its own monitor.What makes this machine so special? Consider the fact that the variety of different materials allow for users to choose a rowing machine that suits their personal style and that fits in with the décor of their home. The use of wood finishes gives these exercise machines an older, classic feel, while providing all the benefits of modern technology.

The Water Flywheel

All water rower models come equipped with a “water flywheel” that allows the machine to provide the sensation of rowing on water. The innovative design of this flywheel is one of the things that make this rowing machine stand out from its competition. The flywheel is enclosed within a water tank with the density of the water being used to provide resistance rather than the mechanical methods used in standard rowing machines. The result is that the user gets all of the same muscle toning and strengthening benefits that they would get had they been rowing on the open water. Another benefit of this water flywheel is that it replicates the actual sound of rowing with the sloshing of water in the tanks so that the user gets more of the full rowing experience but without having to leave home.

The Series 4 Monitor

The Natural, Oxbridge, Club and Classic all come fitted with the user-friendly Series 4 monitor allowing users to track their heart rates and the rate of their strokes, along with the duration of the rowing session. It allows them to set their desired intensity zone and it will provide alerts if they go above or below it. Users can also opt for a chest strap rig that allows for an even more personalized and detailed monitoring of the workout.

These water rowing machines are all constructed with woods from Appalachian forests. They have been chosen for both their durability and their ability to minimize sound vibration. All of the machines have been made to precise specifications and measure 82.25 inches in length by 22.25 inches in width. All models weigh 117lbs and can bear 1000lbs of weight. With the exception of the A1, they all have a two rail system.

  • The WaterRower Natural model is handcrafted with sustainable ash lumber along with honey oak that has been stained. The wood is then finished with Danish oil to give it a rich sheen.
  • The WaterRower Oxbridge model is constructed with cherry wood, which naturally changes color over time. When the rowing machine first arrives at its owner’s home, it will have a lighter color that time and exposure to light will deepen to a darker red-brown. The Oxbridge water rowing machine gets three coats of Danish oil to protect it and to make for a gleaming finish.
  • The WaterRower Classic model is handcrafted from black walnut, another durable Appalachian hardwood that makes for a quiet and stylish-looking machine. Black walnut can offer variations in color ranging from a deep brown to almost black.
  • The WaterRower Club model is designed for heavy usage, such as in a commercial gym. Unlike the others, the Club’s rails are black as a means of making it less prone to scuffing in a busy environment. Like the Natural, it is constructed of ash with a Danish oil finish as well as urethane on the rails.
  • The WaterRower A1 model is partially crafted from ash, like the Natural and the Club, but it is constructed with a single aluminum rail instead of a wood one. It also comes with the A1 monitor which is a simpler version of the S4. The A1 monitor lacks the more advanced features of the S4 but still relays such information as stroke rate and distance. It has the same dimensions and weight as the other models.

Benefits of the WaterRower

  • They are durable, with many users owning and regularly using them for as long as a decade.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Silent operation.
  • Provides an effective low-impact alternative to jogging.
  • Excellent customer service.

Yes, this water rowing machine may cost a little more than alternatives, but consider the value that it brings. WaterRower machines are built to last. Users get a solid, quiet piece of exercise equipment that provides workouts that are effective and time-tested. The fact that they are made with sustainable American-sourced materials is another aspect to consider. Finally, in addition to the fact that it is a fully functional piece of equipment, the polished, handcrafted look of a WaterRower rowing machine will add to the aesthetics of your home gym.

Rowing Machines

rowing machineWhy Rowing Machines?

The bustling of these modern times has brought about a change in the mindset of people. Many are now making that conscious effort to take good care of their health by starting the good habit of matching a balanced diet with proper exercise.

Many of today’s fitness exercises typically incorporate the use of rowing machines to get that much desired total body workout. These machines work by creating a true-to-life feel of the actual watercraft sport, enabling users to exercise, tone and train the different muscle groups of their body. The movements generated from using rowing machines guarantee an effective workout and training program.

Rowing Machines 101

Even before one gets on a rowing machine, it is advised that the user should first be familiar with how these fitness machines work in order to maximize its full potential. Here are some guidelines that should be considered:

  1. Construction is top priority. The best types have a well-finished, all-metal construction to give users the much-needed support during exercise. Make sure that you also try out the machine by putting your weight on the frame. There should be no flexing or any awkward movement once you sit on the machine.
  2. Check the brakes. The type of braking system usually depends on the specific kind that you are using. For example, electronic rowing machines are virtually soundless because they rely on magnetic brakes. On the other hand, air rowers may be accurate and allow for a lot of movement, but the noise level can be quite distracting. Then there’s also a water type of rowing fitness machine which uses water, giving off a smooth, swishing sound.
  3. Transmission is very important. Always check the chains and straps of your rowing exercise machines to ensure that you won’t get any jerky feel or motion once you start exercising. Make sure that the transmission is in good condition so look out for any stretches or gives that could cause problems.
  4. Get a feel of your movement. Your rowing strokes on the machine should be smooth and free from any jerky movement. Another thing to look out for is range. You won’t be able to achieve a full body workout with a machine that only allows for limited leg movements.
  5. Check for accuracy of display and information. The monitors attached serve as a guide for users. It should clearly display an accurate reading of your workout. There are also buttons on the easy-to-use screen that allow you to customize and create a workout program tailor fitted just for the user.
  6. Comfort is everything. Rowing machines provide users with comfortable seating to make sure that they’re able to concentrate on their workout. At the same time, the seat runner and rail should also be in good condition, enabling the user to roll freely from one end to the other without any glitches.
  7. Get a good grip. Since you’ll be stroking most of the time, the oar should be easy-to-hold and provide a good grip, especially in times when the palms get sweaty and weary. Some rowing exercise machines also have a grip in the middle for those interested in using only one hand.
  8. Footplate adjustability matters. Aside from your grip, the position of your feet is also important during exercise. Make sure that your feet are securely and comfortably rested in the footplates. Some also carry a helpful quick release option.

Structure and Design

DesignA flywheel connected to the chain and handle is the basic design for most rowing machines. Here’s how it works: A rower uses his legs in order to move the body backwards. He then pivots his back and pulls on the handle, making the flywheel spin. The braking mechanism incorporated in the flywheel creates a simulated feel of an oar making its way through the water.

Some rowing fitness machines allow the rower to move back and forth while there are also some other types wherein it is the flywheel mechanism that moves while keeping the rower still and stationary.

The power generated from using these machines are measured by calculating the speed of the flywheel as one strokes, the recorded rate at which it decelerates during the recovery and the known moment of inertia of the flywheel.

A program installed in rowing machines is then able to provide an accurate reading of the movements done by the rower. An analysis of the data taken from these individual exercise sessions can be used to come up with a fitting training program.

Most fitness enthusiasts are able to achieve a total body workout of the cardiovascular system through the use of indoor rowing machines. The good thing about rowing fitness machines is that they are low-impact. While the exercise is very much cardio focused, these machines do not create unwanted stress and strain on the different muscle groups so users are able to avoid damaging the knees and connective tissues of the lower body. Caution, however, is advised to rowers because they are prone to lower back injuries.

To avoid these problems, rowers should always make sure that they develop a proper breathing technique during exercise. The trick here is to focus on mechanics and breathing. How does one do this? You’ll need to stabilize the force of the upper body by exhaling on the drive and inhaling on the recovery. At the same time, instead of putting too much emphasis on the upper body, rowing is all about using the large thigh muscles to drive much of the stroke. Lastly, make sure that the upper body maintains the right angle.

Rowing Machine Benefits for Men – Great for Building Muscles!

rowing machinesThere is really not much difference when it comes to rowing machine benefits for men or women. Regular use of the machine can give both genders the same desired results, which is usually a healthier and leaner looking body. To find out which machine is best to suit your needs, you should consider checking out some rowing machine reviews. Below are some of the benefits.

Many men do not want to get into aerobics even if they know that it could help develop their cardio-vascular system. The reason mainly is that, in most if not all aerobics classes, women dominate the number and men seeing this and because of their preference, would usually just go to the gym and build their muscles.

One of the great many benefits is being able to get a good cardio-vascular workout. Rowing machines can be considered a good form of cardio-vascular workout, which means it increases your heart rate and helps improve your heart’s health when done regularly.

Because of increased cardio-vascular health and the use of the many muscles of the body, the benefits also include a faster metabolism. When using an air resistance rowing machine, most men would notice an increase in their muscle mass. This in turn helps to increase your metabolism rate and the number of calories that your burn, resulting in weight loss.

Benefits for people who suffered some form of injury may come as some form of physical therapy. The repetition of actions done while working out on a rowing machine can help strengthen areas that have been weakened by the injury. Legs, feet, knees and ankles can benefit from this simple physical therapy because of the pushing actions needed to complete a set of workout. Although rowing machine exercise routines are considered to be low-impact, especially on the joints of the body, you should consult your doctor or physical therapist for advice on how to use it and the number of times that you can get on the machine to perform a set number of exercises before using a rowing machine as a form of physical therapy.

Six pack abs can look good on some men, some may look good by just having a stomach that does not protrude or precede you when you walk. A stronger and leaner mid-section is also on the long list of  benefits. Those who use machines such as Concept2 Model D properly can develop a strong and lean looking abdomen because they use their inner muscles during the exercise.

Just like with any other exercise or fitness routine, rowing machine benefits with problem areas or those who would just want to look toned and lean does not appear overnight. One should have the discipline and the perseverance to get the results that you want over time.

Stamina Rowing Machine For A Great Buy

Stamina Rowing MachineA Stamina owing machine is a popular choice in many home gyms today. With a variety of styles available, users often rate this brand four stars or higher thanks to the quality and features offered. Whether you are looking for an orbital rower, an air rower or a recumbent/rower, Stamina can help. A wide range of price points are offered to fit any budget and you cannot spend too much money on getting healthy and improving your quality of life.

For those with limited funds who would like to purchase a Stamina rowing machine, consider the Body Trac Glider, model 35-1050, which is priced at just $147. Offering a workout that is more comprehensive than an elliptical trainer, this unit takes up very little space and lasts for quite some time. A ball-bearing roller system combined with cylinder resistance arms which adjust give you a workout similar to water rowing. This model comes with a multifunctional fitness monitor which will keep track of your fitness workout stroke count, time, total strokes accumulated on the unit and calories burned. All of this combines to keep you motivated and working toward your goals. Best of all, the adjustable shock resistance allows you to set your own personal training level.

For those who prefer an air rower, consider the Stamina ATS 1405 Air Rower Rowing Machine, priced at just $349. For strength and durability, this model comes with a metal pull-chain and over-sized chrome rail. Yet, even with these features, the fitness machine can still be folded up and wheeled in a storage area with ease. Resistance is easily increased with this model as all you need to do is increase your stroke rate, just as if you were rowing on water. This unit is designed for those who like long workouts, coming equipped with an over-sized padded seat for comfort.

If your preference for a Stamina Rowing Machine leans toward orbital rowers, consider the 1215 Orbital Rower with Free Motion Arms, model 35-1215. Priced at just $279, you will get the feel of open water rowing as well as a full body workout. The rowing arms offer adjustable resistance and your hands will be comfortable thanks to the included foam grips. Although this model is lightweight and folds away for easy storage, it still comes with features such as a monitor which tracks speed, time, calories burned, distance, row/stroke count and miles rowed. This will keep you encouraged as you move closer to your fitness goal.